We’ve had lots of birthdays to celebrate recently which has given us the opportunity to talk about our age and explore how people are older or younger than us. We love counting on our fingers and guessing hold old are friends are and playing musical chairs has become a firm favourite. After snack time we are learning numbers by jumping into hoops and all of us are getting good at recognising our names and the older ones are now helping the younger ones which is such a joy to see.

We have now learned our ballet dance to the bird song and are looking forward to performing it, hopefully to the residents of Woodpeckers and to keep our feathered friends happy we have been making bird feeders to hang outside. We will be using them to join the RSPB survey and count the different kind of birds we see each week.

At last the rain stopped and the sun came out so we made the most of it and had a picnic outside and made sure we put all the litter in the bin keeping everywhere tidy and making sure the litter was not left which could be dangerous to the animals.